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Odds and Ends

Odds And Ends - my little web diary

Hereís a little page where I put down some thoughts and stuff about what weíve been doing.  Donít expect much logic or reason, just a bit oí fun. Lately Iíve been trying to relax some; thinking about taking up boating but I donít think itís in the range of my wallet. Even a comfortable pair of boat shoes costs a bundle. Maybe ping-ping would be better, eh?

Very cool stuff on Engadget lately.  Strangest of all was a refrigerator I saw that gives you recipes! Heck, a frig smarter than me mum!  It was a Samsung smart refrigerator thatís not even shippable yet, but Iíd like one!

Still racing my r/c cars.  Smashed one to bits the other day.  We laughed ourselves silly until we realized a few hundred bucks of plastic and gears just went up in smoke!  Got it on film if anyone wants to laugh at two stupid guys wrecking their favorite toys.  Forgot to do a good camcorder test so itís a bit grainy and the lightís all wonky, but itís still funny. Iíll be doing some more writing this weekend with my string plucking friends.  All in good fun, chips and dips and things.



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